Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fugaku Lava Cave

After a fun night of camping and hanging out at Lake Motosu, as we were leaving the Fuji Five Lakes area, we decided to stop and check out the Fagaku Lava Cave, also known as the lava ice cave or wind cave.  It was really cool--literally!  There were pillars of ice, even in the heat of the summer!  This cave used to be used as a natural refrigerator, and they still store silk worms inside today.  It was a short walk through the cave, and it was set in the beautiful greenery that surrounds Mt. Fuji.  There are several other caves in the area that we were hoping to explore as well (especially the bat cave!), but our kids were officially pooped after camping, hiking, and playing that we decided to save the rest of the caves for another day.

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